How to Register for 10DLC

To register your account for 10DLC, first, navigate to Settings > 10DLC, or click on the 10DLC status button on the top bar:

Once you're on that page, you can click on Register Brand to start the process, here:

Clicking on "Register Brand" will open the form as a pop up. These are the fields you'll need to submit:

  1. Legal Company Name:
    1. This is the name of the LLC you're registering, exactly as it was submitted on the registration to SunBiz (Applicable for FL residents, but it can be any state registration system for companies). Include all titles, for example: OnlySales, LLC
  2. Vertical:
    1. For most of our users, this will be "Insurance", and that choice is default. If you work a different type of business, select the closest match to your business type.
  3. EIN Information:
    1. Add here the EIN number you received when registering your company through the IRS site, with the dash as it appears on the EIN issue letter, for example: 94-2918462
    2. If your company/EIN was created in the last 90 days, it is possible that your brand registration doesn't auto approve, like with older companies. In that case, we ask for the EIN letter you receive from the IRS, so we can submit it as an appeal and get the company registered regardless. If this applies, select the checkbox, and submit the EIN letter as a pdf. It's the file that looks like this:

  4. Business Address:
    1. Add the business address, as it was submitted in the company registration and EIN letter, including suite/apartment number, if applicable.
  5. Contact Details:
    1. This, by default, will auto populate to the email and number you used to register your account. You can submit it as is, or use a different number. There is no current use for this at the moment, but the Campaign Registry asks for contact information for the brand owner, just in case.

Once you've added all of these to the form, press Submit for Approval. That's it for brand registration! Once your Brand Registration is approved, we'll help you submit a campaign for review, and keep you notified as the campaign goes through approval.

For the latest information on 10DLC processing times, and other 10DLC news, you can go to this article here.

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