10DLC Timeline/Registration Process

9/5 Update: As of now, the process for 10DLC approvals is delayed on the downstream end. Brand approvals are quick, and can be expedited/re-vetted quickly. However, the second part of 10DLC, Campaign Approvals, are taking a while to review. Currently, that is a 2-3 week turnaround time, for a response from the Campaign Registry - although we expect this should speed up as soon as the backlog they're working on from the submissions at the end of August, when Twilio forced registration for all their companies, and all of their users (For apps like Ringy, HighLevel, and hundreds of others)


10DLC registration is a 2 part process. The Campaign Registry asks for both brand information, and campaign information.

Brand Approval:

The first step in approval, is to register the company that will be sending messages. This process is mostly automated on their end. As long as the company exists, and has been registered for long enough that it pulls up on an internal search on their end, brands are approved. In the case they're not approved, because the company is too new, we can submit the EIN letter manually, and get it appealed.

9/5: Current turnaround times, between 1 hour to 3 days.

Campaign Approval:

The second step in approval, is to register the style of messages that your company will be sending, as well as to who. They ask for the following information:

  • Where are your leads coming from?
    • If they're coming from a website, the website is required to have the following:
      • A qualified opt in form - which must have a disclaimer on the form itself, explaining that the lead filling their information will receive texts and calls from you, and that they can text 'STOP' to unsubscribe. In addition, the form must link to the website's Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy
      • Terms of Service & Privacy Policy - both of these pages need to exist on the site, and must have a clear explanation, that the only entity that can contact the leads is your own, and that the lead information cannot be resold or shared with any other agents/agencies. These pages should also include clarification on how to opt out, and what keywords are recognized.
      • Contact Information - The website has to include contact information, matching to the brand details. We've also noticed that free email registars usually raise flags on their end, so a domain bound email is more likely to get approved.
  • How will they be contacted?
    • They request an explanation for how often they would be contacted, and how they could opt out if needed.
  • What types of messages will you be sending?
    • 2 sample messages are required, showing a general outline of how your messages would sound when sent, and what kind of opt out you offer as well.

These requirements are very specific, and very closely reviewed by The Campaign Registry. To make things easier for all of our users, we'll help you complete your registration, by having a partner website company create you a site which matches all required parts for approval, free of charge. This was slowed down the approvals, as they were creating the sites one at a time, and manually.

However, as of the 9/1, this is now automatic - meaning we can help you submit a campaign for approval, on the day that your brand is approved.

9/5: Current turnaround times, up to 2-3 weeks currently. There is no longer any delays from the time your brand is approved, to the time a campaign is submitted on your behalf ever since compliant site creation was automated - however, the delay is now on The Campaign Registry's side, as each campaign submitted is manually vetted by a staff member on their end.

From what we've been told, there is a backlog of applications, from the end of August when Twilio made it mandatory for all of their partner companies, but it should speed up as soon as those are completed. Originally, this took 3-5 business days to be approved.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can I view what step my registration is currently in?

    • In app, you can go to Settings > 10DLC, to see what step your registration currently is in, and when the steps took place. It'll look like this:

  • Is this process taking long everywhere, or is this only on OnlySales's side?

    • 10DLC campaign approvals are done through one company only, which handles ours, as well as all other companies. The process currently is slow regardless of where the campaign is submitted - which is why it's so important to get the campaign submitted correctly, so that it's not denied, and needs to be resubmitted for appeal, which adds it to the back of their review queue, and takes another week or two until they respond to that again.
    • We've checked with other companies we work closely with, like those in same portfolio of companies we're related to thanks to the investment by the TinySeed fund, and it's taking an equal amount of time across the board:

  • Why could my campaign be denied?

    • Campaigns are reviewed manually by The Campaign Registry, and any submissions that miss any of the required elements can be denied. But also, since the registration is manually vetted, there is a certain amount of subjective opinion from the verifier themselves - meaning that, while rare, campaigns matching all requirements can still be denied. If that's the case, we'll immediately appeal their decision on your behalf. These are some denials we've seen in the past - and the reason why we partnered with a website company to ensure all campaign submissions are as compliant as possible from the start:

  • Can my registration be expedited?

    • We can expedite brand approvals if needed, although these are already very quick to happen. However, campaign approvals cannot be expedited (we've tried everything to make that happen!).
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