How to Integrate OnlySales with the USHA Marketplace

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8/4 - Update: MP techs assure us there shouldn't be errors with saving an OnlySales destination in the marketplace. If you run into any errors setting this up on the Marketplace side, please screenshot, and send it into our support.

How do I integrate my OnlySales account with USHA Marketplace?

  • On the left hand menu, go to the tab labeled "integration" here:

  • Once you've gone there, you can click on create integration:

  • Now, we recommend to name this something memorable. Ideally, something that is related to the campaign that you're trying to run as well. In the image below where it shows "Select Workflow" that is where you would select the workflow that you would want your leads to be assigned to. Once you've done that, you can click on add integration.

  • Also, the other button located under the "Select Workflow" option is labeled "Add to Waiting List" - If this is selected, and you have the waiting list set up for a specific workflow, it will allow you to add it to the waiting list to then be sent later down in the day instead of being sent immediately. I would not recommend this option unless you're dealing with age leads.

  • Now, after you set all this and click on the add integration. And once you've done that, you're gonna get a link right here along with the information on the integration that you just created:

  • Once you've created your integration link, just copy the link over by clicking the button here:

  • Now, you can go over to your Marketplace account - and inside of the Marketplace, go to the top-right under settings:

  • Now, click on profile:

  • Once you are on this page - Switch to integrations, then click on the OnlySales tab. Then click on the "Add New Profile" button.

  • We recommend to name it the exact same that you have already named it inside of your OnlySales account. This is not necessary, but it'll help you keep track of things:

  • Once you've done that, paste the integration link that you copied before from inside of OnlySales:

  • Now, the last thing that you will need is a token. This is the same thing that you need when integrating the extension, so we're gonna go back to OnlySales. Click on your profile in the top-right side of the page, then settings option:

  • When on the settings page, scroll down to where it shows "API Token" - Copy the API token by clicking the short cut option:

  • Now, go back to your Marketplace account, paste it there, and click on save changes:

  • Once this is complete, go inside of any regular campaign in the Marketplace, you can click on the "Add Destination" button, and pick the destination that you have just created and it will appear like this:

Multiple Destinations?

  • If you wanted to create multiple destinations to send your aged leads to one campaign, and your regular leads to another campaign, all you would need to do is go back to your OnlySales account, go back to the integration page, create a new integration, call this one "MP Aged" for example, pick a different workflow that those leads would be going into and all the same steps apply - Only difference is that you can just copy the same API token as before on Marketplace now that the first one was already created!

  • Once you have made any other integrations you want to use, click on save changes, and then inside of any campaign, you can now pick any of the destinations that you have created. Whether it's "New Leads", "Exclusives", or "Aged" - You can continue doing that until you have five, six, or seven destinations in the case that you want to do something that detailed!

  • That's it!
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