Tips to Improve Delivery Rates

What are Delivery Rates?

Deliverability rates are a metric used to measure the amount of successfully delivering text messages to the intended recipient. It is typically calculated as the percentage of messages sent that actually reached the recipient successfully. A good deliverability rate means that your OnlySales account is correctly configured and optimized to effectively send text messages, while a low deliverability rate can be an indication of spam, network issues, landlines, or other problems. A good deliverability rate is essential for businesses that use texting as a tool to reach leads.

  • If you are looking to keep track of your deliverability rate, you can click on the "Analytics" tab on the right-hand side menu:

  • You will then see your deliverability rate for the day so far, and also have the option to click on "Per Date Range" and check what your deliverability rate was in between a selected period of time.

  • If you check the "Per Date Range" section, you will notice it shows you all information regarding whether your messages have received have received any errors, gone to landlines, etc.

  • This is a great way of keeping up with your deliverability rate so you can optimize your messages to ensure that your account is not having any issues!

Why is my message getting caught as spam?

  • In most cases, it's often due to the wording of your messages in your workflows. If you are using phrases that come off sounding like spam, it's most likely going to get caught by carriers as spam. Here is an example of a message that would most likely get caught by carriers as spam:

I want you to imagine this: You are the lead receiving that message. Would you respond to it? Or would you delete it and move on with your day? Personally, I would delete that. It sounds like a robot. Why are you writing "STOP to END" if you're a human?
  • I would recommend taking a look at your messages and consider if they sound too much like a commercial - They tend to have a better delivery rate when they come off more conversational in the workflows and carriers will not pick it up as spam as often.

What are the main tips to improve my delivery rate?

  • If you're able to customize it a bit more, like including the shortcut for their first names along with a form of greeting like "Hello", "Hi", or "Hey"

(I recommend using "Spintax" on the greeting so it's constantly changing while messages are going out, it would look like this instead: {{Hi|Hello|Hey}}, {{contact.firstName}}! )

  • You can use a multitude of different creative opt-out language on your OnlySales account, such as: "Uninterested", "Suspend", "Discontinue" - I've even seen some people say: "Reply 5 if not looking"

(You don't want to use basic opt-out language like "Stop", "Unsubscribe", "End" or anything that sounds relatively spammy since it can get marked by carriers quickly. Also, avoid the phrase "to opt-out" in your initial message, it's better to use something like "if not looking" instead.)

  • Try using "Spintax" to further customize messages at random.

For example: {{Hi|Hello}}, {{contact.firstName}}! OR {{Health coverage|Health insurance|Healthcare}}

You can see that there are two other fields wrapped in brackets, those are called “Spintax” – It will randomly assign one of the two to every text that you send. So, half of your texts would say “Hi” and the other half “Hello” – This is the same for “Health insurance” and “Health coverage”.

Spintax makes the messages differ a bit as they send out and is a big assist with making sure your messages don't get marked as spam.

Note: This can be more than two word/phrases too, just make sure to add another center bracket, such as: {{Hi|Hello|Hey}} OR {{health coverage|health insurance|health plan}}

If you want an example message including these steps:

"{{Hi|Hello|Hey}}, {{contact.firstName}}! This is Alivia, I {{assist|help}} {{people|individuals}} in {{getting|finding}} {{health coverage|health insurance|health plans|healthcare}} at a better {{rate|price}}. {{Can|May}} I {{send|text}} you {{quotes|rates|estimates}}? Reply N if not {{looking|interested}}"

This is just an example, but it's a pretty set initial first message, it has more creative opt-out language, and between having your number pool circulate between numbers along with the spintax always changing phrasing, it helps make sure your messages don't get caught as spam and have a better delivery rate.

Just remember: If you're using any other opt-out language, to include it in your stop trigger settings as well. If you add a new stop trigger, go to your settings, add it there, then update your workflow, and that error will no longer be there and any messages waiting to go out will start sending.

If you need some ideas for follow-up messages as well:

{{Hi|Hello|Hey}}, {{contact.firstName}}! There are new nationwide health plans that can start {{asap|immediately}} if you qualify. {{May|Can}} I send you a quick quote? No obligations!

{{Hi|Hello|Hey}}, {{contact.firstName}}! Do you still need a health plan? There are some plans available that can start {{asap|immediately}}. Single or family policy?

{{Hi|Hello|Hey}}, {{contact.firstName}}! Healthcare rates increase on the 1st. Can you confirm some basic {{info|information}} so I can send some {{quotes|estimates}} over to you? I can text/email you the details!

{{Hi|Hello|Hey}} {{contact.firstName}}! Following up on your health {{care|insurance}} request! Would you be available for a quick call today? Or would options by text be easier for you?

What words would you recommend to avoid in my workflow messages?

  • The words you would NOT want to use in your workflow are the following:









-Stop All





  • Now, overall - You can still say these words, but we don't recommend saying them in your initial workflow messages. Your workflow is what is sending them out in bulk and want to ensure you're not getting blocked by carriers. Once you get a lead to respond to you, you can manually type them anything needed to explain the products, but when it's your workflow messages, it's best to keep those more generic and save the explanations/details for when you're already working them.

    I followed all these steps, I'm still noticing a dip in my delivery rate - What else can I do?

  • If you have followed all these steps and still noticing issues with a low delivery rate, the other option would be through registering your account through our 10DLC sign-up process. So, since carriers rules are getting more strict with spam filtering, it's inevitable to sign up eventually - We have made our process very simple though!

  • If you do want to register your account, you can click on your profile in the top right-hand corner, then click on the "Settings" option:

  • Once on the "Settings" page, then click on the tab labeled "Brand Registration" - Then click the center option that says "Register Brand" like this:

  • You will have a page come up where you can enter all the information for your business, once it's filled out just click on the "Submit for Approval" option in the bottom right:

  • It's that simple!

How long does it take for my account to get approval?

  • If you have a EIN and LLC older than a year or more, it can get approved in as little as 5 minutes, if it's one that was just created, the longest it should take is about a week in most cases.

    Remember: We will not be able to verify your account if the LLC is not accurate along with the EIN. When filling this page out, please make sure to include the the full name under the "Legal Company Name" option. If you have any issues filling this page out, please contact us on our help chat and we will assist you with this.

Will this affect my account or my messages before or after approval?

  • No, you will not notice a change in your messages or account. Everything in your account currently will remain the same during and after this process. If you decide to register your account, you will still have full access to your account so there is no delay during this process.

  • Honestly, the only thing you would most likely notice after approval is an increased delivery rate overall!

That's it for now! If you do have any questions regarding the 10DLC sign-up, feel free to message us in our help chat and we can assist you through the process.

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