How to Upload Leads

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  • To Upload Leads, use the left menu to open the Contacts Page

  • At the top of the page, use the Upload Leads button to start the process.

  • Press Browse, and select the file you'd like to import. Once selected, you'll see a preview below of what your file includes. Click Next.

  • By default, the system matches up commonly named columns with the appropriate field, but if you need to pick something manually, select the dropdown box, and which column from your file you'd like to use. Once done, press Next:

On the last page - watch at the top, near your file, for 3 options:

  • None: You'll upload the leads, without attaching a workflow. This will store them in your account's contacts for later use, and they will not be texted.
  • Workflow: You'll upload the leads directly to a workflow. Your first step in that workflow will run immediately for the whole list uploaded.
  • Add to Waiting List: You'll upload the lead to a workflow's waiting list. Depending on how you have it set up, this will add a few leads, every few minutes to your workflow. For more information on Waiting Lists, click here.

Once you select what to use for your upload, you can also select a specific tag that will be applied to your upload, if you'd like. Press Submit, and you're done!

  • For the final example below, we're uploading directly to a Workflow, using the "Demo" Tag. This will send them all a message immediately.

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