How to Create Workflows

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Quick recap - what we call 'Workflows' is a sequence of texts, and delays, that makes up an automated campaign that'll be sent to your leads.

  • To create a Workflow, start by navigating to Workflows in the left menu:

  • Create a Workflow from the top right menu:

  • Re-name your workflow at the top bar if needed - Now, you can start by creating a first step. To do that, click on 'Add your first action'

  • You can choose between Text steps, or Delay steps. For now, let's create a text as the first step. Once you've selected Text as your first step, you can customize the name of your step, as well as what will go inside it:

  • In the demo message above, I left some spaces empty. By clicking on the Shortcuts button at the top right, you can use variable fields that will get replaced, based on the data you imported for your lead.

  • For this example, I'll select their First Name, and City, but you can use as many fields as you'd like. Once done, click on Save Action.

Side note - at the bottom of every text field, you can see an estimate of how much it should cost to send!

  • Now, let's add a delay before your next follow up text. To do that, click on the plus button in the timeline in the middle, below your current step.

  • For wait steps, you can either wait for an amount of time, like 1 hour, 20 minutes, 3 days, for example, by using Type -> Time, and selecting how much to wait for.

  • You can also get a lot more specific - so that regardless of when you add a lead to the workflow, the follow up steps are always at the same time. To do that, select Type -> Specific, then pick how many days after, and at what time. In the example below, the next text won't go out until 3 days after, at 10 AM. Once done, click on Save Action.

  • You can continue adding texts and delays, until your campaign is fully built out the way you'd like to.


Now that your campaign is as you'd like to have it - go to the Settings tab.

On this page, you can use the Number Pool section to select the numbers that will send your workflow.

The numbers you add in Number Pool will rotate through your campaign. As you add new leads, one of these will be randomly assigned to text them. Any follow up texts from your campaign will continue to use the random number first assigned to them.

  • You can use Time Window to limit your entire workflow, if you want to make sure you don't accidentally send messages outside of working hours. In the example below, the campaign will only send Monday - Friday, from 9AM to 5PM.

  • You can also use the Default Tag feature, to add a Tag to every lead added to this workflow!

  • Once you're satisfied - use the top right menu to switch your workflow from Draft, to Published, and save everything with the top right button. You're now ready to use this workflow.

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