How to Set Up Opt Out Language

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Opt out language is crucial to include in your first automated message of your workflows! By giving leads the option to opt out - you avoid them looking up other means to leave your marketing list, like reporting your number as spam, or looking you up directly!

Now - since we also know that using industry standard keywords like 'STOP' and 'END-ALL' usually cause your message to get recognized as spam, we allow custom keywords you can set up.

  • To get started, go to Settings in the top right profile menu. If you can't find it, click on your profile image.

  • Navigate to 'Stop Triggers'

  • Once you're there - you can see the industry standard keywords are already recognized by default - but you can also add your own custom wording as well. Words like "Uninterested" or "Close" usually work well!

  • Don't forget to add your new keyword to your first message. If a lead replies with an industry standard word, or your own custom wording - they'll be marked as unsubscribed, and archived, so your inbox won't be clogged with stop/unsubscribed messages!

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